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Airbnb is Making Headlines. No, Really…They Are!

Airbnb is Making Headlines. No, Really…They Are!

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Introducing, the airbnbmag, Airbnb Magazine!

Does it really come as all that much of a surprise though? I'm sure they have even bigger things up their sleeve these days. Sneak peek VIDEO…


Have you received your issue yet? If you are a lover of vacation rentals, a curious adventurer, or someone like me that runs a vacation rental business day to day, this would be a good magazine to subscribe to. I just subscribed!

Visit https://airbnbmag.com/. Special offer is six issues for $15.



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Munro Murdock is a specialist in Ko'Olina Resort Real Estate and Vacation Rentals, and leads a team that provides real estate services throughout the State of Hawaii. He resides in Kapolei, Hawaii with his wife and three children and enjoys kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, SCUBA diving, surfing, hiking, traveling and enjoying the great outdoors with his family. You can reach Munro at (808) 492-6242 or by email at me@munromurdock.com.

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