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Photo of new airbnbmag and inserts

Introducing, the airbnbmag, Airbnb Magazine! Does it really come as all that much of a surprise though? I'm sure they have even bigger things up their sleeve these days. Sneak peek VIDEO…   Have you received your issue yet? If you are a lover of vacation rentals, a curious adventurer, or someone like me that runs a Read more…

House Rules play an important and central role in the effective management of any condominium project, especially those that experience high rates of turnover in the way of Owner, Guest and Renter occupants in the condos. Having a clear set of rules to assist the Board and Management in the day to day operations and oversight of Read more…

Newsletters for the Ko’Olina Community Association (KOCA) Please see the links below to view/download newsletter updates from KOCA. Mahalo! JANUARY 2017 << click link to open Newsletter in new page :  ::  :::  ::::  :::::  ::::::  :::::::  ::::::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::  :::::::::  ::::::::  :::::::  ::::::  :::::  ::::  :::  ::  : Munro Murdock is a specialist in Ko'Olina Resort Real Read more…

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