Ko Olina Beach Villas Vacation Rentals Featured on Hawaii Mom Blog

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It was a real pleasure for our Team to have prolific writer and owner of HawaiiMomBlog.com, Gem N., to have her family come and enjoy a weekend getaway at the Beach Villas at Ko'Olina. I'm grateful that we had the chance to introduce Gem and her family to the positive aspects of vacation rentals, given it was their very first experience ever staying in one. Her article, which you can read here, does a wonderful job summarizing their experience in the beautiful Ko'Olina Resort, and helping other would-be vacation rental Guests, to know what to expect. 

Like many Guests who have yet to experience a vacation rental first-hand, and who may be more accustomed to staying in hotels and resorts, there are a lot of questions and uncertainties that can naturally arise during the process. As human beings we do have a natural tendency to gravitate towards what we know and are familiar with. We sometimes have to fight that constant pull to remain in our comfort zones. My experience has been that once someone steps out and decides to try a vacation home or condo and have a different kind of vacation adventure, they often wouldn't go back to hotels if they could help it. 

Yes, there are concerns about whether or not the "owner/manager" is legitimate and will scam you, if the the property is truly as it is shown in the photos or if it is totally misrepresented. There are many questions a Guest could have and that a Guest should ask and get the answers to, especially if it is a first-time experience. Any professional vacation rental owner or Property Manager will be accustomed to guiding a new vacation rental Guest through the process, patiently answering many questions and helping to verify and reassure the Guest of the realities the vacation rental has to offer. The majority of owners and managers are legit and trying hard to accurately represent their properties. However, it is still a good idea to vet them, read reviews, speak with them by phone…and just make sure everything "feels" right. If something seems off or perhaps too good to be true, I would advise that you take a step back and re-evaluate.

Never wire funds or send checks until you are absolutely certain you are dealing with an above-board operation. Use credit cards when you can as they do afford you additional fraud protections should something go awry. Also, purchase travel insurance in the event something prevents you from making your trip as cancellation policies on vacation homes are usually more strict than those used at hotels and resorts. 

The overall experience enjoyed by Gem and her family accurately portrays what a well setup and managed vacation home experience should  be like. Things can happen and it is not a perfect world that we live in, but even if something goes wrong during a stay, most owners and professional managers are anxious to be on top of things, to provide excellent Guest service, as there is always an opportunity for Guests to leave an online review, and positive reviews are invaluable in this business. 

For anyone who has yet to try out the vacation rental experience, I would encourage you to give it a whirl and expand your horizons. There are literally millions of potential options throughout the world, and if you find yourself headed to the sunny Hawaiian Islands, contact Amber at Amber@ElitePacific.com and she can assist you with pricing and availability at one of the beautiful vacation homes we manage.

Click here to read the full blog article on the Hawaii Mom Blog. 

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