From Dark Room and Film, to the Age of Digital Photography

I have been interested in photography ever since I saw what my older brother was able to produce with his camera and some time in the 'dark room' at his school.

As I grew up I took a photography class in high school where I was able to learn how to develop film in what is now considered the old fashioned way: with negatives, a dark room, light exposure and some chemicals.

In college I took yet another photography course, this time using digital cameras, but still before digital photography had become mainstream.

Today, the phone in my pocket captures higher resolution photos and videos than did the clunky digital camera I used in college.

I enjoy the experience of taking photos and striving to capture the beauty or essence of what is around me. I'm still very much a novice though I enjoy photography as a hobby and intend to learn more about it so that I can further hone my ability.