Privacy Policy


We live in a time when privacy is to be valued, perhaps more greatly than it has been in years gone by, due in large part to the fact that it is so blatantly violated when it comes to business, email and the world of spam and unsolicited content. We aren't in the spam business, though I do see a lot of canned SPAM sold off the store shelves here in Hawaii! We are in the service business and hope to provide information that is valuable and useful without the heavy-handed sales pitch at every turn. 

My Team and I will never intentionally spam you or send you unsolicited information. If you are ever receiving content from us, whether it be "The Resort Report" (a free monthly publication about Ko Olina Resort Real Estate, Vacation Rentals, Upcoming Events and Development Projects), or listing updates for properties for sale, or new vacation rentals that are available, or last-minute specials on Ko Olina vacation homes, or a blog article related to these kinds of subjects, and if you do NOT want to be receiving that content, just let us know! We will promptly do what we can do remove your name from the particular mailing list and/or cancel your real estate updates.

We utilize the MailChimp web-based software for the majority of our email marketing to our Clients and other updates to specific lists that have opted to receive content from us. Every message sent through the Mail Chimp platform will have an "unsubscribe" option and it does work. 

Please note that if your email happens to be on more than one list then it may require unsubscribing from more than one message. Again, we strive to provide relevant content to those that want it, and have asked for it. We are hardworking professionals, just like you I'm sure, so we all respect the importance of managing the flow of messages. Marketing is an important part of any business, but more important, the relaying of valuable and insightful information and content can provide value and market knowledge that can empower you to make more informed choices when it comes to buying and selling real estate, or planning other activities that relate to the type of content that we create. 

Bottom line is we care about all of those who have taken the time to do business with us in one form or another or that have simply asked to be included in market updates or receive a copy of "The Resort Report". We appreciate and value your attention, your feedback and the opportunity to serve you in some way, if we can. 

We hope that you find the content we share to be beneficial and we look forward to providing timely and relevant information for the years to come.


Munro Murdock
(Broker, Property Manager, MBA)

PS- If you have any suggested changes for our Privacy Policy, to make it better, just let us know!