SELLING Hawaii Real Estate

Should I sell now or wait? What is the market value of my home or condo? Is it worth spending any money on updates and repairs before listing my property? How do I know which agent or broker is best for me and my property? What can I do to maximize the purchase price? Where do I start?

There are many questions that are likely to run through your mind as you consider the possibility of selling your home or condo in Hawaii. The good news, of course, it that there are answers to the questions that arise as you go through the process to determine whether or not now is the right time to put your property on the market.

The recent market activity and comparable sales in your area will play a big part in helping to determine what your property could list and ultimately sell for. Contact me by phone (808-492-6242) or email ( and I can provide you with a free market analysis of your property.

There is no obligation to explore the possibilities so reach out and I'll look forward to talking with you. Mahalo!